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At Ecstatic Dance Oakland, we join together as a supportive community every week to dance wildly and freely in a safe, inspiring and substance-free space. Join us for an opportunity to connect with your deeper self, spirit and others through freeform dance and music.

9:30-10:30am Yoga/Movement class with Shannon Sahaja

10:30-1:00pm Ecstatic Dance with Karistan

1:00-1:15pm Sound Healing with Jill Schweiss

Karishtan (William Christian Fayette) originally hails from southern California with roots in renegade desert parties, progressive house and electro. He has been involved in the music and dance scene for over 20 years and has played at Ecstatic Dances, legendary underground gatherings and conscious festivals. Through his musical evolution he began producing original bass infused electronic music. He most recently relocated to the Bay Area after a transformative few years of living and being immersed in the mana of Hawai’i.

Karishtan is known for carefully orchestrated sets that merge influences from around the world. He seamlessly weaves together world rhythms, bass, trap, ethno/Latin beats, electro and four on the floor as well as live elements to create a dynamic head to toe dance experience that takes dancers into the deepest layers of themselves and unlocks ecstatic bliss from inside out.

He has toured and collaborated with Rik Sharaj from Dub Kirtan, Mystic Pete of Tonehenge, the Starwalkers and Hello Tecnico. Some of his most recent production projects are available for download on iTunes and Spotify.

Karishtan is also a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner which has led him to co-produce Walking Dharma Podcast, a yogic philosophy based podcast.

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