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Ramini Mozzarella of Tomales, CA was founded in 2009 by my husband Craig and myself (Audrey), with a dream of raising Italian water buffalo and becoming the only Americans currently making authentic, artisan buffalo mozzarella. We love animals and wanted to spend our days with these amazing, exotic creatures. We’d learned they could be as loving as dogs if treated with affection and care. We also learned no one at that time was producing buffalo mozzarella in the US. We knew the cheese was incredible and thought; Americans should have this cheese produced domestically and experience what the Italians have discovered in these rich, porcelain white, creamy balls of fresh cheese. It’s shelf life, if made as the Italians do, should only be 3 days. Importing it from Italy means we are getting it, more than likely, past it’s prime or previously frozen. The challenge was on and we were ready!

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